Sunday 4th June 2017

On Sunday 4th June 2017 Guernsey will commemorate the departure of the Royal Guernsey Light Infantry on the occasion of this their one hundredth anniversary. Here you will find all the event of the day.

09:30 Belvedere Field Fort George.

The commemoration parade formed up at the Royal Guernsey Light Infantry Parade Ground at Belvedere Field, Fort George. Members of the public were welcomed in taking part in the event. The order of march was:

Royal Guernsey Light Infantry Mascot Donkey 'Joey' in Regimental Colours

The Princess of Wales Royal Regiment Band

Officers and Sailors of visiting French warship FS Tenace

The Princess of Wales Guard of Honour

Members of the Jersey Field Squadron

Veterans and their Associations

Training Ship Sarnia

Combined Cadet Force

Army Cadet Force

Air Training Corps

St John's Ambulance Cadets

Guernsey Scouts

Guernsey Boy's Brigade

Elizabeth College Corps of Drums

Guernsey Military History Group

School Children

Members the Public

10:00 Belvedere Field, Fort George

The parade marched off in two companies following the route of exiting Fort George through the main gate, crossing the top of the Val de Terres, proceeding down Colbourne Road, La Charroterie and Rue du Pre. It then processed the Bordage, Fountain Street, High Street, Le Pollet, La Tourgand and onto St Julian's Pier (The White Rock) and formed up in two sections.

10:30 St Julian's Pier, St Peter Port

The arrival of The Bailiff, Sir Richard Collas and the visiting French dignitaries. President Philippe Bas, Capitaine Francois Mouchebouef, Mairie Francis Noblecourt, M. Thierry Motte, M. Jean-Marie Labre, M. Rene Carpintier.

10:45 St Julian's Pier, St Peter Port

His Excellency The Lieutenant Governor Sir Ian and Lady Corder arrived to take the Royal Salute followed by an inspection of the parade by invited dignitaries.

11:20 St Julian's Pier, St Peter Port

The Drum Head Service was given by the Very Reverend Tim Barker, the Dean of Guernsey together with an address made by President Bas and responded to by The Bailiff, Sir Richard Collas. Following which the parade was dismissed.

13:30 The Town Church, St Peter Port

The church bells wre sounded and the Guernsey Concert Brass played in the Church whilst the congregation assembled. Members of the public were welcomed to the church

14:00 The Town Church, St Peter Port

A service of remembrance to commemorate the departure for the overseas service of the men of the 1st (Service) Battalion on 1st June 2017 was led by the Very Reverend Tim Barker, Dean of Guernsey. With the Act of Remembrance a memorial was dedicated and unveiled by the family of Private 1260 Frederick Mahy who served with the regiment at Cambrai and was grievously wounded.